DOST VI conducts oneSTore orientation in Ilo-ilo City

Last June 14, 2017, DOST VI conducted its first  OneSTore orientation to extend the opportunity to qualified  Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). The orientation was held at the DOST VI Conference Room with Dr. Emelyn P. Flores, Asst. Regional Director for Technical Operations welcoming the participants.

All of the invited MSMEs were present and showed the willingness to be part of the program. The orientation was conducted by Mr. Jay Tumbokon, oneSTore project staff, whose discussion focused on the introduction of the program to the MSMEs highlighting its online/e-commerce and hub components. The benefits of being part of the program were discussed, as well as the potential market base that will be reached by the e-commerce platform. Various questions were raised and properly addressed.

The MSMEs in the region showed enthusiasm and eagerness to be part of the program. It is with fervent hope that oneSTore will lead the way for our MSMEs towards growth.

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