L’amor Cocosugar 100g


Benefits of Coco Sugar

Low Glycemic Index: Safe and Natural alternative for diabetic and those who are overweight. Phosphorus(P): Needed for bone growth, kidney function and cell growth. Potassium(K): Helpful in treating high blood pressure. Magnessium (Mg): Essential for enzyme activity for Ca and K uptake. Calcium(Ca): Vital for bone and teeth for muscle growth and contraction. Zinc(Zn): Called “intelligence mineral” required for mental development and healthy reproductive organs (prostate gland) Iron(Fe): Vital for healthy blood, its deficiency is associated with mental development, and problems with the immune system. Chloride(Cl)ions: Provides electrical neutrality (acid- based body balance) and correct pressure of body fluids, as well the balance of electric charges in the nervous system.
Use as a daily replacement for regular sugar. When used for baking, the amount of coco sugar needed may vary from the intended amount of granulated sugar or brown sugar called for in the recipe.


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