The engine’s combustion chamber is a vacuum meaning it’s a place where there is no air because it has exhausted to a very high degree during the combustion process. Scientifically, it is already proven in all angle that nothing burns without air. As perfect oxidation must have to attain the ideal air fuel vapor ratio of 15 to 1. however, in practice, ratio are under 15 to 1 , where there is not enough oxygen to burn off the chemical elements in the fuel mixture.

The STAPD works on principle of proper oxygenation to obtain 15 to 1, vapor ratio. It enables to supply the needed air to reinforce in to the combustion chamber to maintain ideal balance ratio of air mixing efficiency to perfect the combustion process. Every time the throttle closes to the carburetor during idling due to deceleration, gear shifting and engine breaking.

The principle of oxygenation set by STAPD to the heart of the engine is the same principle that applies to man. Whenever the heart of man is not perfectly oxygenated troubles into the body sets in.

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